Why do dogs dig on beds and Couches?

Here you will learn about Why do dogs dig on beds and Couches? What are the considerations? How to deal with your dog scratching your couch.

An animal’s instinct is to make sure that the place where they sleep will not hurt them while they are sleeping. As an example, a dog in the woods contemplating sleeping on a piece of grass will paw at it to ensure it is comfortable, even, and safe.

Although domestic dogs still possess this instinct, it is amusing to see them trying to flatten out their mattress without understanding why they are doing so – oftentimes, they dig up the mattress without intending to sleep there.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering why your dog scratches the couch so much and what you can do about it. You will find in this post several possible causes, and what you can do about each.

Is there a reason why my dog scratches the couch? Usually, dogs scratch the couch because they want to make the ground more comfortable to lie on, they are anxious, they want something stuck on the couch, or they have learned that this behavior will earn them a reward.

Your dog might be doing this for several reasons, and it could be the result of a variety of reasons. However, there are several factors you can consider when identifying the main cause and there are a variety of solutions you can employ.

Why do dogs dig on beds and Couches
Why do dogs dig on beds and Couches?

Here are some reasons Why do dogs dig on beds and Couches

Following is a list of possible reasons why your dog has been doing it and why each of them would be more likely to be the major cause.

It is nature

Often, dogs in the wild would scratch at the ground before laying down to make it more comfortable. It is possible that your dog scratched the sofa before it laid down due to its nature. This is more likely if it does not scratch excessively and if it scratches other areas before laying down.


If your dog has been doing this, it may also be because it is anxious. This is more likely to occur if your dog tends to do it when it is more likely to be anxious, such as before you leave the house.

A few things to consider

Listed below are some things to consider when determining the main cause.

When it first began, what else happened?

If your dog does not always scratch the couch, it is useful to consider what else took place when it first began to do so. If your dog is suddenly doing this, it could be due to food being stuck on the couch or learning that the behavior is rewarded.

What else is different about your dog scratching the couch?

Considering what is different when it does not scratch the couch may be helpful if it does not do it all the time. It may be due to separation anxiety if it only occurs when you are about to leave home.

How to deal with your dog scratching your couch?

You should consider the following factors when determining the primary reason for your dog’s behavior.

Encouragement should be avoided

Similarly, it could be the case that your dog has learned that the behavior is rewarded. Instead, it would be more beneficial to reward your dog when it behaves as you expect and to avoid rewarding it when it does not. Likewise, it would be beneficial to try to redirect the dog’s attention before it begins scratching at the couch so that the behavior is not rewarded.

Food should not be left on the couch

This would also help remove any food that might be stuck to the couch or between the gaps.

A training program

It might also be helpful to provide it with training to keep it away from the couch. As a method of doing this, you may want to reward it when it shows signs of not getting on the couch when it normally would. Please refer to the following video for more information.


    Dogs have a natural urge to dig in the dirt. This is because they are born to do this. Instinctive behavior is something they cannot control. However, they can learn to dig in places where they are allowed to. If you make your dog feel like digging is off-limits, they will be digging as soon as they think that they cannot get caught. That is why it is important to train your dog to dig in one place.
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