Where can i throw away a Mattress

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Nearly 18.2 million mattresses are thrown away in the United States each year, with over 50,000 mattresses ending up in landfills each day. Mattress owners must dispose of their mattresses properly to reduce waste.

Generally, you should replace your mattress every ten years. This number will differ for each person based on the kind of mattress they have. Depending on how often you use your mattress and how well you take care of it, you may need to replace it.

Do you know how to dispose of a mattress properly?

It doesn’t do any good to leave it on the curb, and taking it to the city dump can be stressful. A bed that’s not disposed of properly can lead to some hefty fines, so make sure you conduct some research first.

Following are the ways to Dispose of your Mattress:

  • Recycle it
  • Donate it
  • Resell it or Give it Away
  • Crafting or Upcycling
  • Throw it Away
Where can i throw away a Mattress
Where can I throw away a Mattress

Recycle it

What is Mattress Recycling?

The process of mattress recycling involves dismantling beds

and reusing the components for other applications. In contrast, mattress refurbishment or renovation involves reupholstering and reselling the bed.

Approximately 85-90 percent of the materials in a mattress can be reused once a bed has been deconstructed, and entrepreneurial minds are constantly developing new ways to recycle old bedding.

  • Metal springs and coils can be melted down and transformed into new items.
  • Mattress foam can be shredded and used in carpet padding, moving pads, and as a fuel source.
  • Cotton and other fibers can be used as filters, insulation, and fuel.
  • It is possible to repurpose fabrics and upholstery.
  • You can chip wood for mulch or burn it for fuel.

What is the usual method of getting rid of mattresses?

The majority of people who want to get rid of a mattress have only a few options. Depending on the size of your home, you could repurpose it by putting it in your guest bedroom, but would you want to subject your friends and family to the same bad nights’ sleep or backache that you’ve been experiencing for years?

Besides that, you could either leave it out for sanitation to pick up or ask the people you bought the mattress from to dispose of it for you – for an additional fee, of course. We can safely assume that the mattress professionals will simply throw it away themselves, so this last option is no better than the other two. 

What are the steps involved in recycling mattresses?

Mattress components can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to being repurposed as particleboard, mulch, or animal bedding, the wood frames of box springs can be turned into wood chips. From appliances to buildings to vehicles, mattresses’ metal springs can be melted down and reused.

In the case of 1-800-GOT-JUNK, you can complete the whole process on their website. Enter your zip code, the mattress size, and the time and date you will be home so we can deliver the bed. It’s that easy. Many other companies offer this service, and you can find some of them by visiting the Mattress Recycling Council’s website.

Free mattress recycling programs

There are more than 50,000 mattresses discarded every day in the United States. They often end up in the trash, taking up valuable landfill space, or worse, being illegally disposed of. Many materials can be recycled and repurposed from mattresses, including metals, foam, fibers, and wood. Additionally, California law provides free options for both residential and commercial mattress recycling.

The Bye Bye Mattress Program, a partnership between OC Waste & Recycling and the Mattress Recycling Council, offers several convenient options for recycling mattress materials.  They include:

At OC Landfills, residential mattresses can be recycled for free
  • Residents of Orange County may dispose of unwanted mattresses and box springs at Olinda Alpha or Prima Deshecha landfills. There is no need to cover or mix mattresses with trash or other garbage at either site. 
  • If bringing waste for disposal and a mattress for recycling, mattresses must be separated from waste, and STANDARD WASTE DISPOSAL FEES WILL APPLY. 
  • Neither soiled nor contaminated mattresses nor soiled or contaminated box springs will be accepted. The below list of Frequently Asked Questions, question #1, provides a detailed list of acceptable and non-acceptable items.
  • To learn more, please see the list of Frequently Asked Questions below or call OC Waste & Recycling at 714-834-4000 during regular business hours.

Residential Bulky Item Pick Up

  • Mattresses may be picked up for free by local waste haulers if residents in OC ask for them.
  • Different municipalities may have different regulations for waste haulers.
  • Residents should contact the hauler directly for more information. For a list of OC residential waste haulers by city, click here.
  • As the solid waste collection industry responds to COVID-19, it may have an impact on how bulky waste is collected in your area. For more details, residents should contact the hauler directly. 

Still, Confused? About where can I throw away a mattress

Don’t Worry Here are more solutions.

Can Your Mattress Be Donated?

If you are thinking about donating a mattress, make sure your old bed is still in good shape. Although it will likely have some normal wear and tear if it has any major defects, non-profit organizations and local charities may not accept it, or they may throw it away themselves.

You should check all clothing for stains, tears, holes, rips, and mold before donating. Be sure that the fabric covers of box springs are firmly attached and that the frame is not bent or broken. The mattress may be better recycled rather than donated if it has any of these problems. We will discuss the best ways to recycle your mattress and give some resources at the end of this article.

What are the options for donating your old mattress?

You have a limited number of options for donating your mattress. You can also consider giving back to the community through charitable organizations or asking your friends and family if they are interested.


Mattresses are not accepted at most thrift stores in your area, regardless of how surprising it may seem. Mattresses and box springs, including waterbeds and traditional innerspring, cannot be used by some people. Sanitation laws require that beds at those locations be sanitized before resale. The majority of thrift shops are not able to accept these donations due to a lack of resources.

If your mattress is in good condition, some locations will accept it, but you should call ahead to make sure.

Do not worry, there are plenty of other charitable organizations willing to accept gently used mattresses and box springs. Below are some charities and non-profit organizations that can help get your mattress to someone in need.

American Furniture Bank Association

The National Furniture Bank Association, for example, operates an online database of people seeking home furnishings, especially mattresses. You can locate a Furniture Bank facility near you through Furniture Bank’s online directory, which includes all of North America. The items you donate will be distributed to less fortunate individuals and families who are moving into housing. A free pickup service is offered by most Furniture Bank locations. You can schedule a drop-off or pick-up through the website for your local Furniture Bank.

Marketplaces on Craigslist and Facebook

You can list a free ad on online marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook, and Letgo if you don’t want to deal with locating a donation center. Posting your free mattress on one of these sites will allow someone in need to pick up your old mattress. While it may take some time to reply to messages and schedule pick-ups, this process is generally easy and quick. Be careful when giving out your home address during a pick-up. You should meet in a public place if you can, and if possible, bring a friend.

Cycle for free

A site called freecycle.org lists items inside each community that is currently being offered for free. You can find a list of free items in your city after entering your location on the site. FreeCycle allows you to list your mattress, and someone looking for a bed can get in touch with you. There is no need to exchange information until a pick-up is scheduled, as you can communicate directly on the site.

Give it away or resell it

Is it possible to sell a used mattress?

You can do that. To do so, you need to consider many factors. In other words, the main question is how to sell it and get a fair price.

Where Can I Sell a Used Mattress?

The following tips will help you to sell your used mattress for some money. The method you use is not important.

 Choose a shop

It may be difficult to find a buyer for old mattresses in the first place since few shops are willing to take them. Retailers may prefer to purchase new mattresses at wholesale prices. In addition, they also want to maintain their reputation in the market by selling new products, not used ones.

Some second-hand shops still buy second-hand products1. Your mattress can be sold in these shops. To maintain their profit margins, these shops generally pay less. In other words, if you do not want to sell your used one to a shop, you can also trade it yourself. Find out how below.

Review the law

Knowing the laws and ordinances of your city is crucial to trading your old mattress on your own. Your state may have a law prohibiting the sale of used items.

As a result, check and save yourself the hassle of getting in trouble.

3. Publicity

Advertising your used mattress is an option you should consider. Choosing the right platform is essential. Make sure you choose a strategy that suits you and your target audience.

Otherwise, it will be a waste of time, money, and effort. Try newspaper classifieds. Join forums, look at online listings, etc.

Selling mattresses

An advertisement that is popular in this particular field would be the best. Examples would be papers and websites that focus on mattresses or sleep-related products. You can also use word of mouth since your family and friends trust you more than strangers do.

Things to consider before Selling

Poorly maintained beds are unethical to sell. It’s important to note that a high-rated mattress will last for a decade and still be in good condition. The following tips will help you add value to your bed over its lifetime and make it easier to sell.

  • Protect your mattress from the start
  • You should not let your pets play with your bed or mattress
  • Make sure your kids don’t jump on it
  • Keep your sheets clean by washing them regularly
  • Revolve regularly
  • Keep the spills to a minimum
  • Innerspring beds will usually last more than mattresses filled with memory foam

Repurpose it

  • Create Art
  • Recycle It
  • Disassemble and Use the Parts
  • Donate to a Shelter or Church
  • Donate to a Pet Rescue Center
  • Reuse for Children’s Playtime
  • Compost It

Throw It Away

Mattresses can be bulky, heavy, and difficult to remove. To dispose of your mattress, you can either wrap it in plastic and place it by the road or break it down and put it into trash bags.

The mattress should be wrapped in plastic. Get a mattress disposal bag or a mattress storage bag at a department store, home improvement store, or moving supply store. Mattresses should be disposed of in this way due to sanitary reasons, according to your local waste management authority. Before you dispose of your mattress, place it in one of these bags and tape it shut with packing tape to avoid being fined.

On trash day, place the mattress out. After wrapping your mattress in plastic, you can place it by your trash can on the curb. Wait to set out your mattress until the morning of your monthly “heavy trash day,” which accepts large trash items. You can find out when this event will take place in your area by visiting the website of your local waste management service

When you have a lot of trash, hire a disposal company. You may want to consider hiring someone to come and pick up your bulk items if you’re throwing away multiple items. You may need to spend a bit of money on this if you have a lot of large items to eliminate[3].

  • Find local companies that can remove general trash as well as those that can remove mattresses. Request quotes from these companies and goes with the most affordable option.

How Do I Know if I’m Ready For A New Mattress?

Have you recently checked your mattress? You might want to do so now.

Mattress warranties are often used as a guide when it comes to determining when to replace your mattress. A person should realize that the comfort ingredients, on top of the spring core, wear out much more quickly than the springs, and that sagging or softening of the top layers is normal in the mattress industry. This needn’t be the case, however.

  • Your mattress is older than 8 years
  • Your body doesn’t feel rested when you wake up
  • You wake up with back pain and aches
  • Other places feel more comfortable
  • You have a spring mattress that squeaks or a box spring that creaks
  • You have a pronounced and visible sag
  • You sleep on a hammock
  • You suffer from severe dust allergies
  • Your weight has changed significantly

What happens when a mattress gets old?

Over the years, mattresses can become heavier because they collect dead skin cells, sweat, and dust. Old sagging mattresses can also cause back problems.

What should you do with an old mattress?

You can: Donate it to a shelter, charity, or pet rescue center; sell it; hand it over to recycling reuse to help children builds forts and such.

Are old mattresses recyclable?

Mattresses are usually disposed of in landfills, even though they are made from 80 to 95 percent recyclable materials. There are only a few recycling centers that will pick up mattresses, and only those that deal specifically with mattresses will accept them. However, if such an offer is made, there is usually a fee associated with it.

The proper way to dispose of a mattress is to throw it away.

You can donate it to the Salvation Army. You can take your mattress off their hands and they will even pick it up.

Are homeless shelters willing to take used mattresses?

Salvation Army, for example, may. The garment must be clean and free of stains. It’s best to check ahead of time.

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